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Detroit Lions

Questionable Picks – All of them!!!

Cincinnati Bungles

Questionable Picks – Andre Cladwell, WR, Florida – Anthony Collins, OT, Kansas


Winners – Carolina Panthers

Key Additions – Jonathon Stewart, RB, Oregon – Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh

Kansas City Chiefs

Key Additions – Glenn Dorsy – DT, LSU – Brandon Albert, G, Virginia

Atlanta Falcons

Key Additions – Matt Ryan, QB, Backup College – Sam Baker, OT, USC

Any other winners you guys can think of?


It’s a little slice of heaven where you can walk down the street with an AK-47 and shoot anything that moves.  Bear in mnd however that it’s very risky…but so is banging a chick from Kalamazoo.  1 out of every 4 ho’s running around has an STD…so double bag it boys!

That is all!

They’re camping out so they can get their ho’s first.  Get it?  They are at a garden center…and garden centers sell hoes…for your garden.  Damn I crack myself up!

I can’t decide which sign is more hilarious…you guys be the judge!


Nate looks like the stuntman for Stevie Nicks!

Billy looks like the stuntman for a Colorado Avalanche fan!

Rader looks like the stuntman for Steve-O!

See what score you can achieve in the allotted time.  I got all 9 correct in just under a minute.

But Rader is still happy because he can watch Blade anytime he wants to!  Mr. Snipes was acquitted on tax fraud and filing a false tax return, but the White Men Can’t Jump star was found guilty on tax evasion.  He will spend the next 3 years behind bars.  No word yet on whether or not he’ll try out for Michael Vick’;s football team, but sources close to him think it’s a definite possibility.